Granite Processing Unit


Minerva’s Granite Slab manufacturing facility is a 100% Export Oriented Unit consisting of 10,000 sq. mts. of built-up area in 7 acres of land located in Bargur, Tamil Nadu, India. We process and supply granite slabs in a wide range of colors, consisting of both in-land and imported rough blocks from various countries, such as Brazil, Africa, Middle East and Sri Lanka. Our ‘exotic’ and ‘premium’ ranges include magnificent products, such as Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Ghibli, Himalayan Blue, Icon Brown, Imperial White, Ivory Brown, Vizag Blue, Kuppam Green, Red Multi, Rose Wood, Ruby Red, Paradiso Sapphire Blue, Tan Brown and Tropical Green.

Our stringent quality control and raw block selection process ensures that our granite slabs are the most seamless and consistent in their natural pattern. Our capability to customize the slabs in a variety of sizes is our core strength while handling large projects across the globe. We strive to provide our customers with products of consistent quality along with timely delivery at highly competitive prices.

We have successfully bagged and completed projects for two prestigious projects.

ADNOC Headquarters building in Abu Dhabi, UAE – We provided cut to size Absolute Black 3cm granite slabs with flamed and brushed finish for flooring at ADNOC headquarters building in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Muscat International Airport, Oman – We provided Classic Paradiso 3cm cut to size granite slabs with book match pattern for flooring at Muscat International Airport in Oman.

Our Facilities

Our Products

1. Andromeda White

Andromeda White

2. Absolut Black

Absolut Black

3. Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy

4. Black Forest

Black Forest

5. Viscon White

Viscon White

6. Red Multicolor

Red Multicolor

7. Colonial Gold

Colonial Gold

8. Imperial Gold

Imperial Gold


Steel Grey

10. Kashmir Gold

Kashmir Gold

11. Bash Paradiso

Bash Paradiso

12. Classic Paradiso

Classic Paradiso

13. Colombo Juparana

Colombo Juparana

14. Indian Juaparana

Indian Juaparana

15. Colonial White

Colonial White

16. Ivory Brown

Ivory Brown

17. Black Pearl

Black Pearl

18. Ivory Cream

Ivory Cream

19. Kuppam Green

Kuppam Green

20. Tan Brown

Tan Brown

21. Lemurian Blue

Lemurian Blue

22. Prada Gold

Prada Gold

23. Shiva Ivory

Shiva Ivory

24. G20 Black

G20 Black

25. River White

River White

26. Thunder White

Thunder White

27. Impala Black

Impala Black